GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) A new calendar year allows people to set new goals. At the top of many lists is weight loss.  Already in this short period of time, the Weight Management Program has helped people achieve incredible, life-changing results.

One of the success stories is Ron Gossman. He was denied hip replacement surgery because of the risks associated with his weight. His surgeon told him about the program at Mary Free Bed. Gossman says he was apprehensive at first, but found the program to be educational and informative. He lost 86 pounds during the program and went on to lose ten more. He is now scheduled for surgery in January.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital started the Weight Management Program after seeing an epidemic of patients whose weight played a significant role in their health including strokes, heart attacks, cancer, joint problems, and diabetic-related amputations.

The Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program is different from other weight reduction plans because it doesn’t just track a person’s weight. The distinctive approach also measures blood pressure, heart rates, and the levels of fats and sugars in the blood.

Each 20 week course includes between five and 12 participants. They work alongside a clinical team that consists of a rehabilitation physician, dietician, exercise physiologist, and psychologist.

The program begins with a liquid nutritional product that not only tastes good, but can also be used as a beverage or be baked into treats. Starting this way results in speedy initial weight loss, which is motivational. It also helps break bad eating habits. As the program progresses, it educates participants about making good nutritional choices moving forward.

Celebrating One Year Anniversary

  • 45 participants lost 1,100 pounds
  • Average weight loss was 32 pounds
  • Average Body Mass Index dropped 4.2 points
  • Most achieved a 10% weight loss at week 12 – Research shows physical benefits of weight loss begin at this level

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