There are several misunderstandings about peoples’ weight, reducing it and ideas about being healthy.

There are a lot of myths that call for serious examination.

Weight loss myths or misconceptions

Unfortunately, people are made to believe in unfounded truths, and they easily fall into a trap. Here are some common fallacies:

Kids need to reduce weight to finally end obesity.

Researchers have recently discovered in a study that kids may outgrow obesity at the time of puberty without necessarily requiring losing weight. The research did not just focus on weight as the only factor for obesity. Body mass index was also considered in the computations. The researchers concluded that children with high BMI levels are not necessarily overweight.

If one is fat, he is not fit.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that overall health depends not only on the person’s weight but also on his physical health. The study suggests that all people have the same risks for cancer and heart diseases, whether obese or not. The kind of fat that one has plays an important role, as well as the location of the fat. Belly fat is more harmful than fat found under the skin’s surface, the study says.

Eat what you want to eat and then just shed the excess fat by exercising.

The sad truth is this: it is much easier to gulp down calories than to burn them. For example, it takes half an hour of exercise to burn calories from a can of soda, which takes only a few minutes to drink. Adjusting the things you eat is still the most effective way to shed off excess weight. Be watchful of foods’ nutrient density and calorie density.

Long but low-intensity exercises are good.

Fitness experts want to disprove the theory that long low-intensity aerobic exercises produce better results than more intense workouts. According to these experts, during low-intensity exercises, the body is able to efficiently burn only fat calories and not carbohydrate calories. On the other hand, high intensity exercises are able to burn overall calories. Fitness experts are therefore recommending mixing both of the two types of exercises for maximum benefits.

Eating protein-rich foods is the most effective way of keeping calorie intake in check.

Protein and fiber are nutrients that can make one’s stomach feel full fast. But consuming fiber brings in fewer calories than the same amount of protein. Eating fruits, grains, beans and vegetables gives the best results. With these food items, you will easily get full without sacrificing nutritional content.


There are things that you should not believe easily and things that you should discard right away. Misconceptions about losing weight have been leading people to wrong solutions. If you have been misled all along, it is time to make the swiftest change.

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